Frequently asked questions

What will we do in a driving lesson?

Each driving lesson is tailored to meet the skill and requirements of the student. We are qualified to teach those that have never driven before and just need to learn the basics, right through to those that are preparing for their practical driving assessment (PDA). At the start of each lesson, we'll go through what our aims are for the lesson, whether its mastering changing gears, learning to reverse park or doing a mock test. Its up to you!

How do I book my practical driving assessment (PDA)?

PDA's are now available to be booked online. Visit the Department of Transport's PDA Booking Form at https://online.transport.wa.gov.au/pdabooking/manage/?0
If you are planning on using a Busselton Driving School car for your test, message through a screenshot of the available dates and times, and I will be able to confirm when the car is available. ** Please note, as stated by the Department of Transport - "If you need to change or cancel your PDA you must give more than two full working days notice or you will be required to pay for another PDA".

I get really nervous before tests, and am worried about doing my test.

This is common for a lot of people about to do their practical driving assessment. You are not alone!! Best advice is prepare, prepare, prepare! If driving well becomes second nature to you, it will make it a lot easier for you on the roads in a high-pressure situation. Michelle has experience working with learner drivers of all ages that are anxious to get on the road. Her calm and friendly nature will help as you navigate learning the basics of driving and work towards getting your licence.

I have tried calling to book a lesson, but I can never get through!

I'm sorry!! As I'm working and in driving lessons, I do not answer my phone. Please leave a message and I'll do my best to get back to you that day.